The Coalition for Future Mobility today called on Congress to pass legislation that will assure the safe testing and deployment of Autonomous Vehicles.

Leaders of the coalition told Hill staff at a briefing today that Autonomous Vehicles may help save lives, increase independence among seniors and those with mobility issues, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and spur innovation.

The diverse coalition includes nearly 50 different groups representing American seniors, people with disabilities, safety and environmental advocates, and the automotive and technology industries.

According to government data, 94-96% of all crashes are caused by human choice or error. Autonomous Vehicle technology could help save lives by preventing many crashes and dramatically reducing injuries and fatalities on our roadways. Autonomous Vehicles also provide the opportunity to increase the independence and mobility of those who cannot drive, including veterans with disabilities, the blind and older Americans; reduce greenhouse gases from needless idling; reduce congestion and spur American innovation.

With no federal regulations specifically governing highly automated vehicles, more than 30 states and municipalities have passed rules for self-driving vehicles, creating a patchwork of regulations.