Marelli, an automotive technology supplier, and XenomatiX, supplier of true “solid state LiDAR”, announced at CES Las Vegas that they will enter into a technical and commercial development agreement in the autonomous driving field.

XenomatiX will provide Marelli`s Automotive Lighting division, with its true “solid state LiDAR” modules for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) applications. Marelli’s Automotive Lighting Division and XenomatiX will combine competencies and technologies to offer modular LiDAR system solutions to meet future global automotive needs, also leveraging the Artificial Intelligence (AI) perception technology derived from “Smart Me Up”, the French start-up acquired by Marelli in 2018.

LiDAR sensors are widely recognized in the automotive field for ADAS and AD applications. Applications such as lane change assist, highway pilot, or traffic jam assist will strongly rely on LiDAR systems. 

XenomatiX, with its true “solid state LiDAR” sensor, brings to the market a unique product based on proven semiconductor technology, designed for mass production.

Thanks to its distinctive features, the true solid state and multi-beam LiDAR technology developed by XenomatiX and Marelli’s Automotive Lighting division will provide high reliability and long range coverage, crucial to enable a variety of ADAS functions.

XenomatiX LiDAR is known for its high resolution, reliability and durability. Completely different from other LiDAR offerings, XenomatiX uses non-scanning LiDAR. The company’s XenoTrack and XenoLidar product lines already impressed many tier-one suppliers and OEMs, making XenomatiX a solid and experienced player in the LiDAR market.