Hesai Technology and Leapmotor have announced a new strategic partnership that will see the OEM work to facilitate a more intelligent driving experience utilizing Hesai’s next generation of automotive LiDAR products.

This agreement builds upon their ongoing collaboration which began in 2021. Since then, the companies have equipped multiple models built on Leapmotor’s C platforms with Hesai’s AT128 long-range LiDAR. The latest vehicle in this lineup equipped with Hesai’s AT128 LiDAR is the all new C10 EV. The announcement follows Leapmotor establishing a joint venture with Stellantis to accelerate, and expand, the global sales of Leapmotor products by leveraging the corporation’s assets and global commercial experiences.

As a key supplier for Leapmotor, Hesai will play a significant role in providing advanced intelligent driving systems to global markets. In response to growing demand, Hesai has developed a portfolio of LiDAR products, offered at varying price points and form factors, to meet the needs of intelligent driving systems.

Looking ahead, Leapmotor and Hesai will continue to explore opportunities to improve intelligent driving technology and bring innovative driving solutions to users around the world.