Arm Holdings, a semiconductor design and software platform company, has announced a new multi-year partnership with Nuro. Together, the companies will work to drive a scalable approach to the commercialization of AI-centric autonomous vehicles. Through it, Nuro will leverage ​​​Arm’s ​Automotive Enhanced (AE) technology to develop the next generation of its Nuro Driver system.

The Nuro Driver is an integrated autonomous driving system that pairs AI-first software with custom-built sense and compute hardware. This AI-first software allows the Nuro Driver’s perception and behavior capabilities to be learned from data to capture many details on the AV’s surroundings, while providing a natural driving experience.

The resulting autonomy system is embedded in an engineered system with rules-based checks to provide further safety guarantees. Today, this technology is operating on roads in two U.S. states, supporting autonomous deliveries of goods in local areas. Nuro has also said that the technology has broad applicability across many use cases and has been integrated into seven commercial and consumer vehicle platforms.

Nuro is currently leveraging Arm technologies across its autonomy stack and plans to build its next-generation Nuro Driver on Arm. Selecting Arm as its platform of choice, Nuro highlighted its safety-enabled specialized computing capabilities that autonomous applications require, within the space, power and thermal constraints of modern systems.

Together the companies are planning to develop new autonomous vehicles at scale with platforms like Arm’s AE technology to enable the shift from prototype autonomous systems based on large servers, to efficient, automotive grade, safety-certified solutions.