Expanding on their strategic partnership, StradVision and Horizon Robotics have announced the next step in their collaboration. The software company’s next generation of its SVNet software, called the ‘3D Perception Network’, has been optimized and is now available for OEMs and Tier 1s on the Horizon Journey 3 solution.

The 3D Perception Network represents StradVision’s latest perception system. It refines the sensing-perceiving-planning-action sequence, providing more reliable ADAS solutions while enhancing performance by reducing detection errors by up to 10% and improving detection stability by up to 30%. The technology likewise enhances the scalability and cost efficiency of the ADAS and AD technologies found in passenger vehicles.

The successful optimization of the SVNet 3D Perception Network on Journey 3 marks a key milestone in the collaboration and establishes a straightforward path for a swift and seamless transition to the upcoming Horizon Journey 6. The Horizon Journey 6 series, itself, is equipped with Nash BPU architecture and offers advanced energy efficiency and openness.