Perrone Robotics, an autonomous vehicle technology company, has launched its TONY ADAS Kit. Its latest kit has been designed to bring advanced safety and driver assistance features to a wide range of vehicles, both new and existing.

The kit provides a comprehensive suite of automation and driver assistance functions and builds upon the technologies found in Perrone’s TONY AV Kit. The ADAS Kit is also configurable and vehicle-agnostic, a feature through which Perrone is aiming to make it an ideal solution for many vehicle types, including transit vans, buses, and cargo vans.

Among the key ADAS features offered through the new TONY ADAS Kit are: Forward Collision Avoidance, Pedestrian Detection/Avoidance, Lane Departure Warning/Correction, AEB, Blind Spot Detection, and an Adaptive Cruise Control system. At the same time, Perrone Robotics will also offer the TONY ADAS Kit Lite, a minimum viable product designed for low-cost, entry-level driver assistance in limited operational scenarios. Both versions of the kit leverage Perrone’s patented vehicle-agnostic technology, helping OEM customers achieve rapid deployment and easier integration in aftermarket and factory settings.

The TONY ADAS Kit has been designed to meet new and emerging government regulations that require features like AEB and other ADAS functions to be offered in new vehicles. Perrone says that this functionality will help fleet operators and manufacturers looking to upgrade their vehicles to comply with safety standards.