AstaZero, in collaboration with several partners, including Terranet AB and Trafikverket, will launch a new project aimed at improving traffic safety for automated vehicles in Sweden. Set to run from May 2024 to May 2025, the companies confirmed that the project is funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.

FFI, Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation, is a collaboration program between the Swedish government and the automotive industry. The purpose of the project, called “Verification Methods for Robust Driver Assist System Performance”, is to develop both physical and virtual verification methods to effectively evaluate and improve the performance of ADAS. Through this project, the partners are looking to reduce the number of people seriously injured and killed in traffic by addressing more accident scenarios and ensuring that safety features are robust in real life situations.

In highlighting the origins of the project, the partners cited the limitations present in some of the systems offered today. Euro NCAP has identified these limitations and is working to overcome them through its Vision 2030 plan, including the first robust verification methods in its ratings from 2026 onwards. The project will support Euro NCAP’s development and specifically focus on vulnerable road users in this work.