INAVI Systems, a subsidiary of Thinkware Corporation specializing in mobility platform development, has completed an ADAS map covering a 130,000-kilometer (80,778-mile) area in South Korea. This coverage, which INAVI says represents the longest ADAS map coverage in the country, ranges from highways to arterial roads.

The newly developed ADAS map will support L2+ and L3 autonomous driving systems. Here, the company says it will enhance AV capabilities by providing detailed information on road slopes, curvatures, elevations, and speed limits. INAVI also noted that its own ADAS map will offer more than ten times greater precision than traditional maps, covering all highways, urban expressways, motorways, and major arterial roads nationwide.

The map will also incorporate mandatory speed limit information for the ISA feature, which was mandated by the EU for equipment on all new vehicles from July 2022. This information includes speed limit data for all national two-lane or larger roads, totaling 130,000 kilometers, to ensure the stable operation of AVs across major road networks in South Korea.

To maintain the accuracy and currency of its ADAS map data, INAVI Systems will utilize real-time information collected by Thinkware Corporation’s AI Dashcams. This technology facilitates automatic updates based on changing road conditions, accounting for volatile information such as speed limits to foster a safe driving environment.

INAVI’s ADAS map will also deliver support to its own, existing, technologies – integrating its Standard Definition (SD) and ADAS map with its comprehensive High Definition map database. Together, through this integration, INAVI is aiming to provide comprehensive map solutions to automakers, and related service providers, that combine SD, ADAS, and HD maps.