BrightDrive, a Brightskies subsidiary developing autonomous driving technologies, has partnered with Intempora, a dSPACE company providing software solutions for automotive embedded systems, to integrate its BrightAnnotate annotation algorithms into the RTMaps (Real-Time Multisensor applications) middleware. Through their partnership, the companies aim to advance the development of real-time systems while enhancing data annotation capabilities for autonomous vehicles.

Together, BrightDrive and Intempora will integrate BrightAnnotate into RTMaps, enabling developers to access BrightAnnotate’s engine as drag-and-drop toolboxes. This integration works to enhance RTMaps’ data annotation capabilities while accelerating the development of advanced perception algorithms for autonomous driving applications.

BrightAnnotate itself is a semi-automated data annotation AI engine designed to provide ground truth annotations for scenes captured by different sensors. Through deep learning models and manual quality assurance processes, it offers four modules covering various aspects of the environment, including traffic participants, road models, traffic control information, and static environment. The engine similarly leverages data from LiDAR sensors, 360-degree cameras, radars, and GNSS, to ensure detailed and accurate annotations for advanced perception systems.

Intempora’s RTMaps offers a component-based middleware that helps users design and execute ADAS and high-level autonomous driving software functions. Its real-time capabilities provide a flexible and scalable software environment for integrating and processing high-bandwidth data from various sensors and data sources.

Throughout their collaboration, both companies remain committed to advancing autonomous driving technology and shaping the future of smart transportation.