Luminar has expanded its partnership with Mercedes-Benz to enable new automated driving capabilities in new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The expansion follows Luminar’s Iris LiDAR entering its first series production in October 2022 as well as the firm’s program with Mercedes-Benz completing its initial phase – passing the associated milestones.

Through the renewed deal, Mercedes-Benz is now planning to integrate the next generation of Iris, and its associated software, across many of its future vehicle lines by 2025. For the OEM, Iris will support a new conditionally automated driving system for freeways and enhanced ADAS designed for urban environments. When integrating Iris into its future vehicles, Mercedes-Benz will look to simplify the design integration using a sleeker profile.

Ultimately, both companies are looking to strongly enhance the technical capabilities and safety of new conditionally automated driving systems – supporting safe driving practices in turn. While no specific financial details were shared on the expanded partnership, Luminar has described it as a multi-billion-dollar deal.