Handsome man driving in his car

Leopard Imaging has launched two new driver monitoring system (DMS) cameras (LI-OV2311-IR-GMSL2 and LI-AR0144IVEC-GMSL2) to support the real-time assessment of a driver’s cognitive state.

The cameras aim to increase road safety and reduce the rate of accidents caused by driver drowsiness and disengagement.

Nearly a third of fatal crashes occur as a result of reckless driving. Detecting the early signs of drowsiness is important to ensuring that the driver is alert enough to operate the vehicle. When detecting risks, such as drowsiness or distraction, the DMS camera alerts both the driver and the vehicle’s integrated safety systems – preventing injury and helping drivers stay focused on the road ahead.

The American firm’s new cameras leverage advanced technologies to enhance road safety – including global shutters and infrared LEDs. LI-AR0144IVEC-GMSL2-055H is equipped with ON Semiconductor’s In-Vehicle Experience Camera Module (IVEC) – AR0144, while LI-OV2311-IR-GMSL2-050H is equipped with OmniVision’s 2MP CMOS image sensor – OV2311.

Implementing technologies from ON Semiconductor and OmniVision helps the cameras capture image data at a higher resolution. This improves several DMS capabilities – such as gesture recognition, eye tracking, head roll movement, machine vision, augmented reality, and more.