Baidu has announced that Apollo Go, its autonomous ride-hailing service platform, will begin operating on a 24/7 basis in select areas of Wuhan, China.

The announcement represents both a major operational upgrade for Apollo Go, and a key milestone for the service – providing non-stop autonomous driving services for a wider range of needs and potential users. Its extended operating hours aim to accommodate users with night-time travel needs, ensuring a safer and more convenient service.

Ahead of extending the service’s operating hours, Baidu had previously launched driverless rides across the Yangtze River, covering both the north and south banks across the Yangsigang Yangtze River Bridge and Wuhan Baishazhou Bridge. Accounting for its development in urban areas, Baidu had also introduced driverless airport transportation services in Wuhan in August 2023 and launched a similar robotaxi service on highways leading to Beijing Daxing Airport in February 2024.

As of January 2024, Apollo Go has provided more than five million cumulative rides. Today, it operates in 10 cities across China, including Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Chongqing, and Baidu is working to expand its reach further to accommodate a broader range of locations and users.