Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology, a subsidiary of Neusoft specializing in intelligent vehicle technology, and Ambarella, Inc, an edge AI semiconductor company, have established a new strategic partnership at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show.

The partnership is based on their mutual resources and experiences in automotive software, autonomous driving technology, electrification, and AI system-on-chip (SoC) products. Through it, the companies plan to jointly promote and explore product technology and market development, while realizing shared opportunities for collaborative innovation and development.

The new partnership follows a series of collaborations between the companies, including the integration of Ambarella’s CVflow portfolio of AI SoCs into Neusoft Reach’s neural network algorithms. Since the mass production of their first integrated product, cooperatively launched in 2021, and subsequent jointly developed products DMS and front ADAS modules, the companies have already cooperated in multiple key technology areas. More recently, Neusoft Reach’s third-generation forward-facing intelligent camera, X-Cube 3.0, was powered by Ambarella’s CV22 AI vision SoC. The camera’s AI perception algorithms target L2+ autonomy, utilizing Ambarella’s SoCs to do so.

Today, Neusoft Reach is closely collaborating with Ambarella on a new generation of high-performance AI domain control solutions, working together to advance the joint development and cooperation with Ambarella’s latest family of AI SoCs in the field of intelligent driving. This cooperation aims to optimize the performance and efficiency of current intelligent driving systems further. Their shared ‘algorithm-first’ philosophy is being fully practiced and validated in this process.

As their collaboration continues, Neusoft Reach will continue to leverage Ambarella’s high-performance, low-power, CVflow portfolio of AI vision SoCs. Together, the companies ultimately aim to provide the industry with a range of innovative technological applications, continuously drive the implementation of high-performance autonomous driving solutions, and jointly build a new ecosystem for intelligent vehicles.