Horizon Robotics, a provider of ADAS and autonomous driving (AD) solutions for passenger vehicles, has mapped out a mass production plan for its recently announced SuperDrive AD solution. Through SuperDrive, Horizon is looking to provide robust autonomous driving in urban, highway and parking scenarios, with the aim to provide consumers with safe, convenient, and enjoyable travel experiences.

The company’s mass production plan begins with a series of collaborations involving SuperDrive being signed in Q2 2024, with a mass-production-ready version of the system finalized by Q4 2024. By Q3 2025, Horizon is expecting the first vehicle equipped with SuperDrive to leave the production line and roll out.

In combining Horizon’s software and hardware co-optimization capabilities, the company says that SuperDrive can achieve autonomous driving capabilities in complex traffic and road environments comparable to an experienced human driver. For example, at a busy intersection, SuperDrive-equipped vehicles can ‘observe’ their surroundings, select the optimal moment to make a left turn, and maneuver safely around oncoming traffic while yielding to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles.

If they should encounter a car accident ahead, instead of abruptly stopping, these vehicles gently slow down, assess the situation, and then adjust speed or change lanes accordingly. Through SuperDrive, Horizon is looking to address industry challenges such as high latency, extensive rule sets, and heavy loads in perception architecture.