Continental has announced that it will leverage the CONiX Testfleet Solution (CONiX.tfs) from b-plus for the fleet management of test vehicles in the area of assisted and automated driving. The companies have been collaborating on the customized solution for almost three years, with CONiX.tfs now used in Continental’s test fleets around the world.

CONiX.tfs itself was developed to support the management of test vehicles, systems and drivers in the assisted and automated driving (ADAS/AD) validation environment. In achieving this goal, its customer-oriented development and practical applications, as well as tests in the customer’s real environment, offer optimum conditions for real-life use. Continental highlighted the flexibility of the solution, which enables customer-optimized adaptations to meet the specific requirements and challenges in the industry.

The CONiX Testfleet Solution further ensures transparency and efficiency in test fleet management by simplifying time-saving coordination, while providing over-the-air (OTA) software updates and structured vehicle testing and data collection processes. It supports companies in the structured preparation and organization of entire fleets, the execution of test and validation drives as well as the comprehensive evaluation and detailed analysis of test drives and their data. Individualized solutions have been implemented according to customer requirements by the experienced project and development team.