ZF shows next-generation mobility solutions at the forthcoming IAA

System solutions for automated driving

The ‘Flying Carpet 2.0’ predictive chassis uses comprehensive sensors and smart algorithms to control suspension, braking, and steering systems. This largely decouples the vehicle superstructure from road unevenness and the dynamic effects of driving. As well as more comfort, it means better handling and safety. Comfort is key, especially in the development of fully automatic and autonomous driving, because it means that time spent in a vehicle can be used for activities such as reading and relaxing.

ZF’s unique proposition of allowing vehicles to see, think, and act, makes it an attractive provider of system solutions for automated driving. Its comprehensive complete systems include sensors and the ZF ProAI central computer in a range of performance levels. This makes ZF solutions scalable, flexible, and adaptable to a variety of market segments. That, in turn, allows car manufacturers to comply with the basic requirements of Euro NCAP 2022. And as ZF coPilot, it allows automated driving functions at SAE Level 2+. ZF ProAI RoboThink is a high-performance version for people movers and cargo movers that enables Levels 4 and 5 – in other words, autonomous driving. By acquiring WABCO, ZF aims to be able to provide complete automated driving systems for commercial vehicles as well.