ZF we will be investing more than €12B in e-mobility and autonomous driving alone over the next five years. ZF’s Innovation Van has demonstrated how intelligent networking, autonomous driving and an all-electric drive support parcel delivery services in meeting the requirements of the future – especially the rising delivery volumes and the demand for individual delivery. At the same time, such vehicles will also help to reduce emissions and traffic in city centers. This approach has attracted interest within the industry.

The all-electric delivery truck is equipped with L4 autonomous driving functions and is designed to independently maneuver through city centers, stay in its lane even if without road markings, recognize both traffic lights and road signs and react to sudden hazardous situations. In addition, the Innovation Van can detect and drive around obstacles such as double-parked vehicles. The FollowMe function – which utilizes a tablet-based remote control –is particularly helpful for drivers. If two addresses are close enough that it makes more sense for the delivery driver to stay on foot, the Innovation Van will follow the driver as if on a virtual leash. In addition, if there is no parking available at a certain address, the driver can send the vehicle ahead to the next stop where it will look for a parking space on its own. This will also help to avoid traffic jams in future caused by delivery trucks which are often double parked.