ZF has launched its first Level2+ coASSIST system with Dongfeng Motor in China bringing safety and comfort advantages at an affordable cost

ZF has launched its coASSIST Level2+ semi-automated driving system on the 2020 Dongfeng Aerolus Yixuan which was launched late in 2020. This marks the first launch globally of coASSIST which delivers advanced safety and convenience functions – and is the most affordable Level2+ system in the industry.

The coASSIST system offers drivers significant comfort and safety benefits at a highly affordable cost – while meeting projected Euro NCAP 2025 test protocols and delivering popular Level2+ functions. Following the initial start of production, in future the system will also introduce ZF’s first launch of its Gen21 Mid-Range Radar.

ZF’s is the full system integrator of coASSIST which was developed in conjunction with partner Mobileye and includes Mobileye’s EyeQ™ camera technology. It also utilizes Hella short range radars. By combining this advanced camera and radar sensor suite with a central control unit, functions such as adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, lane change assist, lane keeping assist, highway driving assist and traffic jam support are enabled.

ZF offers a full range of L2+ systems including:

  • ZF coASSIST – the cost-effective Level 2+ solution that helps meet Euro NCAP performance requirements while delivering the most popular Level 2+ ADAS functions utilizing Mobileye, an Intel Company, EyeQ ™ technology,
  • ZF coDRIVE – extends the functionality of traffic jam and highway driving support. 360° surround camera perception and the processing capability of Mobileye’s EyeQ technology enable automated lane changes and automatic overtaking.
  • ZF coPILOT is designed for advanced computing power and processing scalability from Level 2+ up to Level 4. It offers functions like feet-free and hands-free operation, automated lane change and overtaking, automated garage parking and route learning and utilizes ZF’s ProAI controller.