ZF Group and KPIT Technologies have announced a collaboration to develop a middleware solution for the automotive mobility ecosystem.

The two companies have said that they will leverage their experiences software and vehicle systems to develop a modular middleware solution that can be utilized by multiple OEMs. The collaboration will also utilize onboard solutions from other technology companies – including semiconductor specialists, software companies, cloud services, and start-ups.

ZF’s collaboration with KPIT Technologies follows the establishment of its Global Software Center in January 2021. The center is responsible for developing software systems for future architectures on a group-wide level. One core product is an automotive middleware that serves as a mediator between a vehicle computer’s operating system and its software applications. The development of this solution is closely connected to the development of application software for several mobility domains – including automated driving, integrated safety, vehicle motion control, and electric mobility.

The middleware development will draw upon KPIT’s experience in several production programs, architecture consulting, software integration, and cloud-based connected services. It will also use KPIT’s existing assets, tools and accelerators as well as other core infrastructure.