ZF has acquired Bestmile’s technology in a bid to accelerating the development of its Mobility Orchestration Platform. The platform aims to help operators support Transportation as a Service and Mobility as a Service for all types of mobility applications and vehicles. Leveraging increasing transportation digitalization and vehicle automation, ZF’s platform will provide its users with real-time coordination and management of goods and people transportation on a large scale.

ZF will leverage Bestmile’s capabilities to develop a variety of vehicle connectivity-based solutions. One of these will be a fully automatic, KPI-based planning, routing, scheduling, and dispatching solution based on connectivity between onboard technology, fleet optimization, and AI. This platform aims to improve the operational efficiency, sustainability, safety, and cargo security of vehicle fleets. It will also work to facilitate fully-autonomous mobility and cargo transportation within automated, multi-platform supply chains and logistics networks.

Alongside the benefits of Bestmile’s orchestration platform, customers will also gain access to ZF’s extensive Aftermarket solutions and fleet service network – including roadside assistance, workshops and distribution partners.