Zeekr has announced a major OTA update for its 001 EV that will introduce new ADAS features built on the Mobileye Supervision platform. More specifically, these new features will be delivered as an upgrade to the OEM’s Navigation ZEEKR Pilot (NZP) driving assistant system and operate at up to 80 mph (130 km/h) on all road types, as monitored by the driver.

The NZP leverages SuperVision’s 11 cameras, including seven 8-MP cameras and surround fisheye cameras, along with a front radar sensor. Among its key features are point-to-point automated highway navigation, lane changes, automated on/off-ramp assist, and intelligent traffic safety functions in identified operational design domains. The system runs on two Mobileye EyeQ5 SoCs and an advanced custom 7-nm ADAS chipset that, together, work to handle AI tasks with high energy efficiency.

These technologies enable its key driver assistance capabilities, including its ability to merge into or overtake traffic, and navigate with an appropriate safety margin for construction zones, pedestrians and other road hazards, even in low-light conditions. The system also reacts to other vehicles – understanding their behavior while efficiently merging and mimicking how drivers typically negotiate key road features.

The system will be available first in Shanghai and Hangzhou, while Zeekr is planning to roll out the new ADAS features across further cities in China over the next few months. Later this year, Zeekr plans to issue a similar OTA update to its 009 multi-purpose vehicle.

As part of an expanded partnership with the Geely Group, Zeekr’s parent company, three further brands under the group will begin utilizing Mobileye Supervision’s ADAS capabilities – including Polestar. The latest model to roll out with the ADAS system equipped is the Zeekr 001 FR quad-motor sports car.