XPENG Motors officially launches its commercial model, the XPENG G3, at a ceremony that marks a new chapter for the leading Chinese technology and electric vehicle company.

The intelligent and high-performance 5-seater SUV, offered at a price range of RMB 227,800 to 257,800 before subsidies, presents a combination of best-in-class smart features, specs, and attractive value which has led its average weekly pre-sales number to increase by nine-fold in November from August 2018.

Enabled by 23 sensors and cameras with 360° real-time perceptions, the XPILOT 2.5 autonomous driving assistant can achieve full auto parking in the broadest range of parking scenarios among mass production models, effectively addressing parking difficulties in China.

The XPENG G3 is the first in its class to come with facial-recognition sensors, enabling facial-recognition payment, driver fatigue alert and heart-beat monitoring functions through OTA upgrades.

The X-mart OS, a self-developed operating system, connects the G3 with the world, anytime, anywhere. It ensures seamless ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) and infotainment system, remote diagnostic and maintenance upgrades.

The XPENG G3 is equipped with a suite of 16 active safety features. It has achieved the highest score among the same class EVs in the latest 2018 C-NCAP (China-New Car Assistant Program) safety assessment with an impressive 96.5% in active safety tests compared with the 38% requirement.