WaveSense has closed a $3M seed round led by Rhapsody Venture Partners, with participation from Vas Ventures, NOMO Ventures, and other leading VC firms. This investment will fund WaveSense’s development of a commercial version of its military proven sensor.

Using ground-penetrating radar, WaveSense creates subterranean maps by scanning up to 10 feet below the roadbed to lock on to unique underground features like soil layers, rocks and pipes. As the vehicle drives, the WaveSense sensor scans the road bedding about 126 times per second and compares the scans to its onboard map to determine the exact vehicle position in relation to the vehicle’s road lane.

This mode of navigation has been utilized by the US military and demonstrated to be accurate to within a few centimeters at standard highway speeds, even during night time whiteout snowstorm conditions.

Source: WaveSense