For the first time, Volvo Buses shows the significant potential of autonomous buses in depot. The live demonstration, one of the world’s first for a 12 m electric and autonomous bus at a bus depot, represents an important milestone in Volvo Buses’ autonomous journey towards safer, cleaner and more efficient public transport.

The demonstration, held together with bus operator Keolis, took place at Keolis’ bus depot just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. During the demonstration, the fully-electric 12 m autonomous bus successfully drove itself between the parking bay and several workstations including cleaning, servicing and electric charging, before parking itself in the correct bay – all while carrying passengers. 

The event was just the latest in a number of successful demonstrations of autonomous buses carried out by Volvo Buses in recent years. This demonstration was one of the first to take place in a real bus depot – one of the areas that Volvo Buses believes offers the greatest potential for automation.

Volvo Buses is at the forefront of the development of autonomous buses. In ten years, an additional one billion people will most likely be living on the planet, most of whom will live in cities. This will create even greater demands on public transport, infrastructure and urban planning, which in turn needs to be managed in an even more sustainable and efficient way.

Volvo Buses believes that part of the answer will be connected, autonomous and electric buses. Together with partners, Volvo Buses pioneers sustainable public transport solutions to meet these challenges.