Volkswagen’s American arm has announced that it will make its Car-Net Safe & Secure connected vehicle emergency services free for five years, issuing them to many of its model year 2020 to 2023 vehicles from June 1, 2023.

For gas-powered vehicles equipped with Car-Net hardware, this multi-year complimentary offer includes Automatic Crash Notifications, Emergency Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Locator, and Anti-Theft Alerts. For ID.4 EVs, it includes the Automatic Crash Notifications and Emergency Assistance services. For owners of any 2020 to 2023 vehicle equipped with Car-Net, the coverage begins when the owner creates a myVW account and accepts the myVW and Car-Net terms of service. This coverage will then remain active for five years after the sale date, or June 1, 2023. For those vehicles equipped with Car-Net, services are offered in three plans: Safe & Secure, Remote Access, and Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Car-Net Safe & Secure enables quick access to the Emergency Assistance feature through an SOS button in the vehicle. If a cellular connection can be established, the driver is put into contact with a Car-Net service center, who can quickly direct emergency responders to the vehicle’s location and notify the user’s emergency contact. Automatic Crash Notification works similarly, automatically notifying an operator who can quickly contact first responders in the event of a collision.

In ICE vehicles, the Anti-Theft Alert sends a push notification to the user if their vehicle’s anti-theft alarm is triggered, while Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance uses Car-Net technology to help law enforcement locate the vehicle in the event that it is stolen. Information Assistance, accessed through the vehicle’s i-call button, allows the driver to speak to a Car-Net agent for support needs (such as points of interest and account services).

Car-Net’s Remote Access services will also be offered at no additional charge for five years from purchase on 2020 and newer models equipped with Car-Net. It enables owners to interact with their vehicle using the myVW mobile app, allowing them to remotely start and stop the vehicle (if equipped), lock and unlock the doors, activate the horn and lights, find the last parked location, and access a remote vehicle status display – which provides information on its estimated fuel level and mileage, as well as its door and window status. Volkswagen’s Remote Access services also include Family Guardian services (Speed Alert, Boundary Alert, Valet Alert), as well as Roadside Call Assist.

Car-Net Wi-Fi Hotspot is a data plan subscription that allows passengers to access the internet with up to four connected devices simultaneously – including compatible tablets, smartphones, laptops, and more – to a 4G LTE-enabled hotspot. Customers have the option of selecting a data plan from either Verizon or T-Mobile. The OEM confirmed that existing Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile customers with a mobile data plan will be able to add their Volkswagen vehicle as a new line item to their current monthly bill.