Volkswagen and Siemens are currently setting up a test section on a main road in the city of  Wolfsburg in which ten traffic signal systems will transmit the traffic light phases in the vicinity via WLANp (ITS-G5). Future Car2X vehicles will be able to process that information and inform the driver for example, when all traffic lights in succession are on green. That way, they can avoid braking or accelerating unnecessarily. To do this, two crossroads are being equipped with modern sensor technology significantly increasing accuracy in the detection of pedestrians and cyclists.

To distribute the sensor object data from the traffic infrastructure to the vehicle, the Car2X technology WLANp, to be introduced by Volkswagen next year, will be supplemented with additional messages and intervene in situations in which the driver or vehicle cannot recognize the surrounding road users with their own senses/sensors or can only do so at a very late stage.