Veoneer showcases the company’s newest Active Safety products during a Ride and Drive event for customers at the American Center for Mobility.  At the event, Veoneer will showcase the first demonstration of Zenuity’s system software using Veoneer sensors and computing platform.

The breadth of Veoneer’s technology portfolio, demonstrated at the Ride and Drive event includes:

Zenuity. Scalable software solutions operating on a Veoneer ADAS ECU, using Veoneer’s 4th generation mono vision cameras and 77 GHz front radars.  Features highlighted will include adaptive cruise control with stop and go, autonomous emergency braking, traffic jam assist and lane keeping assist, using the latest sensor fusion software.

4th Generation Mono Vision. Industry leading 100-degree camera visualization with wider lateral detection capabilities, which can handle more complicated traffic scenarios than previous generations.

Stereo Vision. Advanced stereo visualization and real-life braking.  Features highlighted will include general and 3D object detection, road surface profile generation, and drivable surface judgment, leading to a much better driving experience.

Radar. Radar demonstration, using Veoneer’s 77GHz corner and front radars.   Features highlighted will include long range motorcycle detection.

LiDAR. First demonstration of a very compact LiDAR mounted behind the windshield near the rearview mirror.

In-Cabin Monitoring. First demonstration of Veoneer’s in-cabin monitoring system, which can monitor the entire passenger cabin.The system detects a child left behind in the vehicle and notifies the driver of the situation.

Night Vision. Highlighting Veoneer’s 4th generation night vision with VGA resolution. The system demonstrates how a vehicle can drive autonomously, avoiding a pedestrian in total darkness and foggy conditions via input from an orthogonal and unique sensing of the car’s thermal environment.

Learning Intelligent Vehicle. Third generation of Veoneer’s research vehicle which focuses on building trust between vehicle and driver using several Human Machine Interface related technologies, cloud based connected safety, driver monitoring and cloud-based mapping.

Connectivity. Veoneer is partnering with Ericsson to enhance the driving experience by utilizing Ericsson’s secure cloud platform and using AT&T’s private 4G LTE network at the American Center for Mobility.  This technology will let drivers and vehicles interact with their surroundings, including near real-time roadside assistance, traffic controllers or emergency responders on the road in unanticipated situations like automobile accidents.