Velodyne Lidar has announced the beta launch of Vella – its new family of autonomous-related software products.

With Vella, the company is aiming to help its customers accelerate the development of LiDAR-based vision solutions for autonomous applications. These products are all accessible through Vella Portal, an online platform that allows Velodyne’s sensor customers to access them. Through it, users can find Vella Go for LiDAR sensor management, Vella Perception for application development, and Vella Cloud Services for AI capabilities.

With Vella Portal, Velodyne provides a one-stop access point to Vella’s software offerings, with secure account management, and access to its customer support information service. With Vella Go, users can benefit from a free set of sensor management tools designed for out-of-the-box integration. Its auto detection and configuration for Velodyne’s sensors help streamline operations, while its firmware updates and LiDAR drivers ensure the customer’s autonomous systems are kept up to date. The software’s diagnostics stream and its visualization of live point clouds works similarly. Further benefits come from Vella Go Premium, an upgraded version of the software that provides additional LiDAR calibration and point cloud stitching tools.

Vella Perception works to streamline perception implementation, ultimately helping users build intelligent autonomous applications. Its key features include the enabling of 3D object detection, obstacle and free-space detection, scene segmentation, and support for multiple operational domains and environments. Its support for easy integration and further updates helps ensure that all perception activities operate with a high degree of integrity.

Vella Cloud Services builds on Vella Perception’s capabilities in the cloud – enabling scalable, fast, and cost-efficient AI-based object detection and classification. It likewise enables user-developed applications to improve system accuracy, while visualizing uploaded, raw LiDAR datasets. These features are offered on top of the software’s LiDAR data management and perception services.