Velodyne Lidar has a three-year sales agreement with Baidu for our Alpha Prime ™ rider sensor. Was announced. Alpha Prime sensors are used in autonomous applications. Velodyne’s low-cost, large-scale manufacturing offers Baidu and its Apollo partners attractive prices.

Baidu and the open source autonomous vehicle software platform, the Baidu Apollo program, chose the sensor because Alpha Prime has measurement distance, resolution, and viewing angle that comprehensively meet the high performance requirements of autonomous vehicles. Did. High quality 3D rider vision is a very important factor for autonomous vehicles to accurately perceive the environment.

The Alpha Prime sensor creates millions of data points per second to detect potentially colliding objects, vehicles, and people for accurate, reliable, real-time navigation. Alpha Prime helps autonomous vehicles travel at different speeds in a variety of road conditions such as rain, sleet and snow. This powerful rider can enhance the capabilities of your vehicle.

Baidu has been making strategic investments in Velodyne since 2016. Baidu and Velodyne share a strong determination to promote autonomy and safety on the road.

Velodyne’s next-generation rider sensor, Alpha Prime, leverages our patented 360-degree surround view perception technology to support autonomous mobility. Alpha Prime is the result of more than a decade of rider development and learning, supporting autonomous operation in a wide range of road environments, including urban and highway environments. Velodyne has multiple manufacturers available in the US, Japan and Thailand, allowing it to produce high quality sensors on a large scale to meet customer needs.