Vector has revealed Microsar High Availability, its new embedded software for ECUs that meets the safety requirements set out by ISO 26262 and ensures reliable operation – making it suitable for autonomous driving and x-by-wire systems. The solution is available for use within the company’s Microsar Classic embedded software product.

The new high-availability embedded software enables the development of safety-related systems designed to detect faults, and ensure that a defined service is executed reliably. Vector says that such software works as a foundation for removing the safety driver, thereby advancing AV development.

With the latest software development processes and a unique safety architecture, Microsar High Availability helps developers form the basis of application software that is reliable in performing its defined tasks. Here, the embedded software ensures a deterministic Worst Case Execution Time (WCET) – an essential function for demanding autonomous driving applications.

For Vector, Microsar High Availability represents a key aspect of its wider SDV portfolio. When combined with its basic software portfolio, the product provides a complete solution that helps users address various types of requirements – from sensor/actuator ECUs to runtime software for high-performance computers (HPCs) that play a crucial role in the development and operation of autonomous vehicles.