Valeo and the BMW Group have entered into a major collaboration for which Valeo will provide the ADAS domain controller, sensors and software for parking and maneuvering for BMW’s upcoming platform generation “Neue Klasse”*, due to launch in 2025.

Valeo will develop and produce the ADAS domain controller capable of managing all data flows from all ADAS sensors in BMW Group vehicles based on the “Neue Klasse” platform. All driving assistance functions will be hosted and processed by the Valeo ADAS domain controller, which will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs. The ADAS domain controller will host Valeo’s software platform for low-speed maneuvering, as well as software assets from BMW and Qualcomm for driving automation.

Equipped with some of the most powerful automotive processors in the market, the system being developed by Valeo, BMW Group and Qualcomm is able to obtain real-time mapping and understanding of the car’s surroundings as well as the interior of the vehicle. New features and upgrades will be added throughout the car’s lifecycle.

This major contract between BMW and Valeo illustrates the profound transformation taking place in the automotive industry. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are increasing in volume and allow the car to perceive its surroundings with ever greater precision. Software is increasingly prevalent and essential to managing the car itself as well as its range of sensors. As a result, powerful processors, such as the ADAS domain controller, are key to processing the vast amount of data collected and executing instructions.