Valeo has unveiled its third generation scanning LiDAR, which is expected debut in 2024. Its enhanced performance facilitates autonomous mobility and works to improve road safety.

It reconstructs a 3D real-time image of the vehicle’s surroundings at a rate of 4.5 million pixels and 25 frames per second. Compared to the previous generation, the resolution has been increased 12-fold, the range 3-fold, and the viewing angle 2.5-fold.

The third-generation LiDAR is also capable of facilitating L2+ autonomous driving functions in many scenarios, such as on a highway at speeds of up to 80 mph (130 km/h). It can also allows for the vehicle to handle emergency situations independently.

Valeo’s new scanning LiDAR is also capable of measuring the speed and direction of objects surrounding it and can adapt to a variety of light conditions. It can similarly measure the density of raindrops to calculate the right braking distance and tracks nearby vehicles, even when they are no longer in the driver’s line of sight.

When tracking these vehicles, it leverages algorithms to anticipate their trajectories and trigger the necessary safety maneuvers. Another key feature of the LiDAR is its ability to alert other vehicles of road hazards in advance via the Cloud. These features can be developed and added to over time through the system’s ability to receive OTA updates.