Zero-Sum and Toyota InfoTechnology Center with the support from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, Japan and in collaboration with Connected Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation and with approval from the Amdavad Municipal Corporation in India, conducted a demonstration experiment showcasing an emergency vehicle priority system that uses a Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) band based V2X communication technology. The experiment was conducted on the West Bank of the Riverfront Road in Ahmedabad city, India.

The demonstration experiment uses the application of UHF band V2X communication
technology that prompts traffic information display boards installed on the road to highlight information of an approaching emergency vehicle. Upon the detection of an emergency vehicle, the display boards will inform motorists on the road to make way for the priority passage of the emergency vehicle, thereby enabling the emergency vehicle to get free passage and reduce the travel time to its destination safely.

The UHF band used in the demonstration experiment was acquired under an experimental license from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) Wing of the Ministry of Communications, Department of Telecommunications, India.

The next deployment will also aim at integrating a signal control system with V2X communication technology so as to provide stoppage free green corridor passage to emergency vehicles.