Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation have launched Premier Autonomy, a new program that will provide early access to over one billion of Aurora’s driverless miles to Uber Freight carriers through 2030.

The program is the latest in their longstanding partnership to integrate and deploy autonomous trucks on the Uber Freight network, and enable carriers of all sizes to improve utilization and enhance business efficiency through autonomous technology. Additionally, Uber Freight will be one of Aurora’s first customers on its Dallas-to-Houston freight route, with driverless hauls for shippers expected at the end of 2024.

Premier Autonomy ultimately provides carriers with an early and streamlined path to purchase and onboard the Aurora Driver. Here, it offers a subscription to the system for autonomous freight hauling, with the opportunity to access Aurora’s driverless miles, enabling the high utilization of autonomous trucks through a planned, seamless integration of the Aurora Driver into the Uber Freight platform.

Through its new program, Uber Freight and Aurora intend for carriers of all sizes to enhance their operations through Aurora’s autonomous technologies. At the same time, the deep integration of the Aurora Driver into the Uber Freight network will create a seamless and familiar experience for customers. This network will also identify shippers with suitable freight for the Aurora Driver to optimize utilization.