TTTech, a global leader in the field of robust networking and safety controls, and DIBOTICS, a pioneer and leader in real-time 3D LiDAR processing, today announced their collaboration for the integration of the Augmented LiDAR solution from Dibotics, powered by TTTech’s software platform MotionWise.

Since LiDAR solutions are crucial to tackle safety related perception task for self-driving cars, TTTech identified the Dibotics Augmented LiDAR technology to ensure perfect integration of MotionWise and LiDAR solutions.

This solution represents the most advanced LiDAR technology on the market, hence the perfect match for TTTech’s embedded software platform.

Dibotics is providing a real-time 3D LiDAR processing solution, including precise Localisation/Ego-Motion, 3D mapping system, point-wise classification, obstacle detection and tracking, and multi-LiDAR fusion capabilities.

Together with the MotionWise software platform, the companies aim to provide faster time to market for their customers.

Source: Dibotics