Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced the release of the Yaris Cross, a new-model compact SUV. The Yaris Cross will be available through Toyota dealers nationwide from August 31.

The development of the new-generation Yaris Cross aims to pursue new value as a compact SUV that not only offers convenience but also carries on the nimble driving, advanced security and safety technology, and superior fuel economy features of the Yaris series.

Carrying on from the former Yaris, Toyota has further developed and enriched the advanced safety, security, comfort, and convenience functions

  • Toyota Safety Sense, the newest active safety package, comes as a standard feature (excluding X “B package”).
    • Pre-collision Safety System assists in avoiding collisions and alleviates damage by detecting pedestrians (day and night) and cyclists (day). The system expands the range of detection in the event of an accident at an intersection by detecting pedestrians crossing the street after turning left or right, or when turning right against oncoming traffic.
    • Low Speed Acceleration Control supports the prevention of collisions and mitigates damage by suppressing the engine output or by lightly applying the brakes to suppress acceleration if there is an object in front of the car. The system also prevents depressing the accelerator pedal with excessive force when starting from a standstill or during low-speed operation.
    • The Emergency Steering Assist function secures vehicle stability and contributes to deviating from the driving lane by assisting with steering when a driver executes evasive maneuvers in situations where there is a high likelihood of a collision with a pedestrian, and judges whether there is enough space in the current lane to avoid said collision.
    • Full Speed Range Rader Cruise Control that supports driving behind another car to make long drives more comfortable.
    • When using the Radar Cruise Control, the Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) provides support for steering to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane.
    • The Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) precisely controls LED lights to automatically shade areas where the lights are hitting the car ahead or on-coming vehicles while keeping the high beams on the surrounding areas to ensure superior visibility at night (Optional. First for a Toyota compact SUV).
    • The Road Sign Assist (RSA) promotes safe driving by reducing the number of road signs missed using a visual alert which displays road signs recognized by a camera.
  • Secondary Collision Brake (first for a Toyota compact SUV): When an SRS airbag deploys upon the SRS airbag sensor detecting a collision, this function alleviates damage by automatically controlling the brakes and brake lights, and slowing down the vehicle to prevent a secondary collision.
  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM): The BSM uses a millimeter-wave radar to detect vehicles at the driver’s rear side of the car that are difficult to see using door mirrors up to a maximum of around 60 meters to the rear in the next lane. An indicator in the door mirror lights up when a vehicle approaches. The driver can then operate their turn signal to make the indicator blink to arouse attention.
  • S-VSC with lateral wind control (first for Toyota): Deploys when strong lateral winds are detected when driving on the highway. This function keeps the vehicle from crossing over the lane to support safe driving.
  • As with the Yaris, the Yaris Cross is equipped with the Toyota Teammate (Advanced Park), an advanced driving support function that also controls acceleration and braking, along with steering (first for a Toyota SUV).
    • Parking can be accomplished by simply operating the shift lever according to instructions. When detecting obstacles or other impediments, the system alerts the driver with audible warnings and applies the brakes to help avoid minor collisions by using cameras and ultrasonic sensors to monitor the vicinity of the car. Furthermore, by setting the parking spot in advance, the system can also park in spots without white lines.