Toyota has launched the completely redesigned “Mirai” fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). The all-new Mirai is available from Toyota vehicle dealers starting December 9.

Toyota is introducing technologies to help reduce serious accidents resulting in injury or fatality with the aim of achieving its ultimate goal of “zero casualties and injuries from traffic accidents.” For the new Mirai, the following functions have been enhanced even further:

Advancement of the Pre Collision System (PCS)

  • Intersection collision support. The system detects oncoming vehicles when turning across traffic and detects oncoming pedestrians crossing the street when turning in either direction to prevent collisions and reduce damage.
  • Steering Assist. If a pedestrian is detected on the road, the system provides steering assistance to avoid a collision while ensuring that the vehicle stays in its lane.

Advances to other functions

  • New Radar Cruise Control Function (curve speed reduction function). When driving on a curve, if the system determines that a reduction in speed is necessary, it starts to decelerate the vehicle when the steering wheel is first turned, and terminates speed control when the steering wheel is returned to the original position.
  • Driver Emergency Stop Assist. When the Lane Tracing Assist function is operating, if the driver stops operating the steering wheel or other systems due to a sudden change in physical condition, the system gradually decelerates the vehicle to support safe stopping.

Additionally, as a part of the support to prevent accidents caused by pedal misapplication, all vehicles are equipped with “Plus Support” which suppresses acceleration if pedal misapplication is detected, even when there are no obstacles in the vicinity (an exclusive Plus Support Smart key (available as a dealer-installed option) used for activation is required).

Toyota Teammate Advanced Driving Assist Functions

The new Mirai is also equipped with the latest advanced driving assist functions developed based on the Mobility Teammate Concept, a unique Toyota concept for automated driving whereby the car and driver act as partners to enhance each other’s capabilities and drive together. AI technology centered on deep learning is incorporated to forecast various situations that may be encountered while driving and provide support for driver responses. Toyota Teammate uses software updates*2 so that new functions can be added and updated even after the vehicle is delivered to the customer, enabling ongoing responses to customer needs. The driver and car can confirm each other’s status through conversation and support one another, leading to safe driving and comfortable mobility.

Advanced Drive (sales release scheduled in 2021 for vehicles equipped with the package)

When driving on an expressway or other motor-vehicle-only roadway, the onboard system appropriately detects actual driving conditions, makes determinations, and provides operational support under the driver’s supervision to keep the vehicle in its lane, maintain distance from other vehicles, navigate a lane split, change lanes, overtake other vehicles, and more. In pursuit of achieving system-conducted driving that can be trusted by the driver, fundamental vehicle performance was honed so that the driver would feel secure in leaving driving to the vehicle, and the system was engineered to prioritize safety in making judgments. The driver is freed from operation of the accelerator, brakes, and steering, allowing a reduction in driver burden during long drives and enabling safe driving in which the driver is able to pay better attention to the surroundings.

Advanced Park (for vehicles equipped with the package)

Through integrated cameras and ultrasonic sensors, the latest advanced parking assist technologies support the driver in recognition, judgment, and operation. Besides support of all operations―steering, acceleration, braking, and gear changes―the bird’s-eye view display also shows the ideal steering wheel positions for a safe and secure parking experience.