As a part of its efforts to enrich consumer lifestyles through mobility, and reduce road traffic accident fatalities to zero, Toyota is developing safety and automated driving technologies aimed at offering unrestricted mobility.

The automaker’s approach for achieving this is the Mobility Teammate Concept―an automated driving concept that seeks to enhance communication between drivers and cars. The concept allows drivers and cars to reach out to each other for mutual assistance and enables coordinated driving. Rather than cars taking control over driving duties, the concept sees drivers and cars cooperating to protect one another. This way, drivers can enjoy the experience of driving without the need to frequently defer to automated driving – achieving safe, secure, and unrestricted mobility.

The new LS (Lexus) and Mirai (Toyota) lineups include grades equipped with Advanced Drive – a new function of the Teammate system found in today’s Toyota and Lexus models. With the aim of ensuring that drivers remain the focus, even as technologies advance, the driver and car confirm each other’s status by engaging in a dialogue – leading to safe driving and comfortable mobility. The new LS was launched in Japan on April 8, 2021 and the new Mirai will be launched in Japan on April 12, 2021.