Toyota introduces its new brand design in Europe with a reworked version of the brand logo and typography. It signals a new era for Toyota, as it transitions from a car company to a mobility company. Developed around an ever-diverse customer base coming to the brand for an expanding range of mobility products and services, the new design language is fluent across all digital and physical touchpoints.

The new visual identity is driven by simplification and has been shaped by four key principles: forward-thinking, mobile-ready, more premium feel and ultra- consistent across all business units and sub-brands.

Toyota’s new brand logo distils its emblem to a simple 2-D design, losing the Toyota wordmark, as the emblem itself is well-known across Europe. The design communicates simplicity, transparency and modernity and is perfectly adapted to the digital space but equally effective in the physical world. The new logo will be applied across all communication touchpoints, while the current logo will still be used for the vehicles. The current Retailer signage will remain in place and will be reviewed in the context of Toyota 2025 Network Strategy.

The new visual identity comes with a new bespoke typography, Toyota Type, multi-purposed for both on-line and off-line environments and enabling open and engaging customer relationships. It marks a step-up in digital readiness as the company expands its online retailing in Europe.

The new logotype also brings enhanced clarity and consistency across Toyota’s different business areas, including naming changes – Toyota Insurance Management is now renamed Toyota Insurance Services* as its business expands with the growth of connected services and new mobility products. In the used cars area, Toyota Plus now becomes Toyota Approved Used.