Torc Robotics and Transdev are partnering on a fully autonomous shuttle platform. The partners are integrating Torc’s L4 Asimov self-driving software into the i-Cristal’s embedded intelligence system.

The companies announced their partnership during a news conference at CES19 with accompanying video showing on-road testing in France.

Torc is licensing its Asimov self-driving software stack and sensor suite architecture for the i- Cristal autonomous shuttle. The partners agree that shuttles and smaller vehicles will provide complementary mobility to existing public transportation networks around the world. The shuttles also provide an ideal opportunity to introduce autonomous vehicles into public use.

Transdev, through its global Autonomous Transport System (ATS by Transdev), is providing its supervision system, connected infrastructure and client application, and embedded technology. The companies say their priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers as well as provide high-quality service.

The Transdev/Lohr i-Cristal electric shuttles are SAE L4 (fully-autonomous in select areas) and operate without a steering wheel or pedals. The integration of this latest technology will allow i-Cristal to seamlessly blend into urban traffic while maintaining the highest safety standards at speeds of up to 19 mph/30 kph.