The BMW Group and Ansys have extended their collaboration with a new partnership aimed at developing and validating new ADAS and automated driving functions, while also implementing unique simulation capabilities. Together, these activities will guide and spawn an end-to-end simulation tool chain guided specifically by key safety principles.

The automated simulation tool chain itself supports the mass generation of safety relevant scenarios and related analytics to validate system performance. In the collaboration, BMW will leverage Ansys’ capabilities to offer L3 autonomy to its consumers while reducing the time-to-market speeds of new autonomous systems.

The BMW Group will use Ansys’ software solutions as part of its tool chain that defines test plans, pilots its execution, and gathers and compiles data-critical system information. With the software, BMW’s engineers will be able to optimize the design process and orchestrate simulated workflows at a faster pace.

Using specific algorithms, the software efficiently, automatically, searches for the most robust design configuration. Not only does this work to aid critical decision making early on in the design process, but it also helps reduce development time and project spending.