StreetDrone ONE announces the first autonomous-ready electric car designed to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicle technology. StreetDrone ONE is being developed in partnership with Renault and will start deliveries in August this year.

Mark Preston, CEO of StreetDrone says “We know that the greatest innovations in selfdriving
technology need to come from a wide-base of companies and developers, not from the privileged few that are wealthy enough to be able to test innovation in the real world. StreetDrone ONE means that everyone can become a part of the autonomous revolution.”

StreetDrone ONE is designed to make it easier and cheaper for smaller institutions to get involved in the design of autonomous vehicle systems, whether that be for business or education:

• Based on the Twizy EV, part of the Renault POM program, StreetDrone ONE is a hardware platform which gives developers the means to test driverless coding on a real-life test vehicle
• StreetDrone OS (operating system) allows the car to talk to connected and autonomous software

Source: StreetDrone