Social enterprise Testworks will help the AI-based autonomous vehicle technology company improve its object labeling capacity and enable faster deep learning in advanced algorithms

StradVision, whose AI-based camera perception software is a leading innovator in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles, is collaborating with the South Korean social enterprise Testworks to improve the data processing efficiency and accuracy of its road safety technology such as its pioneering SVNet deep learning-based software.

One of SVNet’s key features is to quickly and accurately identify hazardous and potential road conditions using its deep-learning algorithm. In order to train SVNet’s deep neural network by generating annotated data, StradVision uses its own Auto Labeling Tool to automatically detect and label 94% of objects at eight times the speed of a human labeler. The remaining 6% requires human intervention, which is where StradVision and Testworks’ partnership comes in.