StradVision, a leader in AI-based camera perception for ADAS systems and Autonomous Vehicles, has announced it is developing Animal Detection capabilities for its deep-learning based SVNet software, which fills a crucial safety role in self-driving vehicles.

StradVision has long focused on Object Detection as a core function of SVNet, and this new technology will add Animal Detection as one of the standard object detection functions.

The function would enable automakers to proactively stop the vehicle, or steer the vehicle around the animal, if the computer detects an imminent danger. Even more impressive, this function can accurately and swiftly detect animals in difficult conditions such as rain, snow, fog, darkness, and urban situations.

This unprecedented level of accuracy sets StradVision apart from its competitors.

Animal Detection will be the latest feature offered through SVNet, joining other high-level perception abilities including: Lane Detection, Traffic Light & Sign Recognition, and Free Space Detection.

With mass production projects ongoing in China and Europe, in partnership with leading global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, StradVision will have millions of vehicles on the roadways using its software for Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS systems by 2021 — including SUVs, sedans and buses. StradVision is already deploying ADAS vehicles on Chinese roads.