The global market for ADAS will grow to €7.2 billion by 2020


SBD ADAS Forecast 2

Legislation and consumer group pressure are pushing strong growth in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) fitment, according to a new global ADAS market forecast from SBD.

By 2020 in Europe, over 70% of vehicle models sold will be fitted with at least one type of ADAS. One of the key factors contributing to this growth is the decision by Euro NCAP to include testing of ADAS as part of their five star rating. The penetration on radars and cameras are expected to rise from 16% and 11% to 63% and 69% respectively by 2020 as OEMs start to adopt ADAS to either qualify or retain their five star rating.

SBD ADAS Forecast

“SBD believes that by 2020 AEB, LDW and ACC will be the three technologies with the highest penetration in the European market.”

Updates in legislation in the USA from 2018 will result in a more aggressive growth in ADAS, specifically in camera related ADAS technology for parking. Despite this legislation the USA market still remains consumer driven.

ADAS is still in its infancy for China. Currently the market is dominated with ADAS fitted on EU and USA imported vehicles. For example China Volvo offer the same laser based AEB City as they do for their European models. However, since 2013 Chinese OEM’s BYD and Hongqi have started to introduce ADAS technologies.

An expanded free version of this Insight can be accessed here. SBD’s Safe Car ADAS Forecast allows you to understand at a regional level (EU, US & China) the differences in penetration for various types of ADAS and the technologies supporting these features.  For more details please contact SBD through +44 (0) 1908 305 101 or email

Source: SBD


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