ŠKODA VISION E study presented at Volkswagen Group Night in Shanghai


  • Premiere: Concept vehicle gives outlook on future of electric mobility
  • Design: ŠKODA VISION E transfers brand-typical design to electromobility
  • Drive: System performance of 225 kW, range of up to 500 kilometres and possibility of inductive battery charging
  • Technology: Broad range of technology innovations for autonomous driving at up to 130 km/h, groundbreaking display and control systems with gesture control
  • Electrostrategy: ŠKODA is to develop five electro-vehicles by 2025

ŠKODA is presenting a concept vehicle for purely electric and autonomous driving for the first time at the Volkswagen Group Night on the eve of Auto Shanghai 2017. The ŠKODA VISION E study provides an insight into the drive technology. In the coming years, the brand will promote the electrification of their model range. The company will be introducing five purely electrically-powered cars by 2025, in addition to plug-in hybrid models.

​The ŠKODA VISION E study, presented in Shanghai is the first purely electrically driven concept car in the company’s 122-year history. The car’s futuristic design demonstrates ŠKODA’s new design language, developed especially for electric mobility.

With a large number of sensors and cameras, the ŠKODA VISION E study is designed for level 3 automated driving. Its advanced monitoring of the environment enables the driver to transfer driving tasks completely to the system on defined routes, for example on motorways. In addition, the concept vehicle has numerous driver assistance systems that ensure maximum safety and comfort, even in city traffic and on country roads. Other enhancements first presented in the ŠKODA VISION E include an operating system with advanced gesture control, including eye tracking for the driver and additional touch screens for the front and rear passengers.

The VISION E is based on the Volkswagen Group’s electrification platform. Its two electric motors generate a system output of 225 kW, and the power supply is ensured by a high-voltage battery, whose capacity allows a range of up to 500 kilometres and can be charged both by cable connection and inductively.

With the concept vehicle ŠKODA VISION E, the manufacturer underlines its ambitions in the field of electric mobility. Within the framework of Strategy 2025, ŠKODA will be intensively persuing the electrification of its model range. By 2025, the company will be launching five purely electric vehicles in various segments, in addition to plug-in hybrid models.

Source: Skoda


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