Saudi Arabia: BYD offers remote driving option in F5


BYD remote driving

The Saudi market has received the first car to be driven without a driver through a remote control. It appeared through the brand BYD, which launched the first of its branch in Jeddah, through its agent company First Advanced Auto.

Ibrahim Qahtan, general manager of BYD Arabia, unveiled four models to the Saudi market, which combine the technology of automotive industry and information technology. The visual presentation stunned the audience as the first model BYD F3 was unveiled. This is designed to be a sports sedan including smart technologies with streamlined exterior is modern and contemporary, including multi-functional steering wheel, adjustable control panel, harmonious and integrated centralized command displays all the Navigation information clearly through touch technology.

Also, the curtain was lifted for people to enjoy BYD F5 (a car that can be driven without a driver via remote control). The pilot can control the path of movement to reverse and forward or direct it right or left without exceeding 7 km/h speed limit.

Source: Zawya


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