receives $126M funding for AV projects in China and USA

0 has announced the completion of its $128 million (RMB 812 million) Series A financing. This round of financing was co-led by Wu Capital and Shenzhen Capital Group. Yunqi Partners, the angel round investor of, also followed up with the investment to continue its support for has also officially launched its first-generation autonomous driving product, the Aries, a Level 4 autonomous driving solution which is the first in the world to carry Chinese-made laser radars. Integrating’s two core technologies HeteroSync and DEEPFusion and delivering the best-ever performance and greater affordability, the Aries will drive into the fast lane of commercialized autonomous driving in China. has set up research centers in the Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, attracting top engineers from all over the world. Meanwhile, it has also completed open road tests in both China and the United States.

One year after its founding, has already brought home several world-class technology laurels: On CityScape, the industry’s most effective vision algorithm performance evaluation dataset for the semantic understanding of urban scenes, has earned the well-deserved No.1 ranking in the world.

While announcing its financing news, also released the Aries, a Level 4 autonomous driving solution equipped with Chinese-made laser radars.

According to CTO Heng Liang, another major feature of this product is that it can make rational decisions in the highly complex urban environment and integrate the “humanoid strategies” of manned driving society. It can also achieve high-precision driving control, bringing the maximum error down to 5cm on any cured road surface and at any speed

Drawing up these two core technologies, the Aries has completed road tests in California, USA and China in the day and night, heavy rain and rainy night environments in the past year. Its 90-minute human intervention-free driving function can fully achieve autonomous driving without manual intervention on trunk roads with busy traffic. In right cornering at red light, unprotected left cornering, U-turning, lane change and other complex situations, it can drive at a maximum speed at the 60mph speed limit. has shown solid technological strength in making rational decisions in the highly complex urban environment and integrating the “humanoid strategies” of manned driving society. In California, it has achieved one human intervention per month on average. In highly complex urban road conditions in China, it has realized hours of driving without human takeover.


Source: Yunqi Partners


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