Renault uses QR code stickers to help rescue workers


Renault Rescue Code

Renault, an official partner of French fire fighters, has come out with an innovative new service called RESCUE CODE.

The service includes two QR code stickers for your windscreen and rear window. Via an interface developed in partnership with DESIN’CAR, fire fighters can scan the QR codes using a tablet or smartphone, and directly access a decision aid document corresponding to the damaged vehicle. This fact sheet contains valuable technical information enabling fire fighters to intervene as quickly as possible.

RESCUE is one of the five main priorities of the Renault Group’s road safety policy.

In 2012, a partnership agreement was signed between Renault and the FNSPF (National Federation of French Fire Fighters), officialising a longstanding relationship between these two key players in sustainable mobility.

The RESCUE CODE project.

Most carmakers have produced fact sheets for their vehicles designed to enable quick and safe intervention by fire fighters. Today, more than 1,500 fact sheets are available.

Unfortunately, very few fire fighters are able to consult them during interventions, because of the challenges of identifying the damaged vehicle (night, distortion, position) and accessing the fact sheets (binder containing 1,500 individual sheets). Hence the concept of RESCUE CODE: two QR code stickers – one on the windscreen and one on the rear window – ensure that at least one should be accessible, regardless of the accident configuration. Using a tablet or smartphone, the fire fighter scans the QR code, gaining immediate access to the vehicle’s fact sheet.

Thanks to the information on the fact sheet, the fire fighters can take action much more quickly and efficiently, particularly if there are one or more victims to be removed from the vehicle. RESCUE CODE is being deployed on Renault vehicles in partnership with DESIN’CAR, which gives fire fighters free access to the application that instantly displays the fact sheets.

RESCUE CODE was launched across the entire Renault and Dacia range on July 1, and can be purchased for €9.95. The pack, in a CD sleeve format, includes the two QR code stickers and explanatory information.

It is available for all passenger cars and LCVs in the current Renault and Dacia ranges and will be available for all future vehicle models.

Source: Renault


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