OmniAir consortium awards the first V2X-certified device to Commsignia Inc.

(PRNewsfoto/OmniAir Consortium)

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OmniAir and its members have worked collaboratively with transportation stakeholders to develop testing conformance requirements and procedures for both tolling and V2X Connected Vehicle markets. OmniAir’s certification program provides third-party qualified accredited laboratory testing and validation of DSRC-based V2X devices and test tools.

This program delivers another level of assurance to Tier-1 suppliers, automotive OEMs, and local, state and federal departments of transportation looking to deploy V2X technology. In a growing market, it is critical to ensure customers have a positive experience with their first DSRC-V2X deployments. There are two choices, go with an unknown product or go with one that earned an OmniAir Certification Mark that proves that the device conforms to industry protocol standards and specifications.

Connected vehicles allow for the wireless exchange of information between connected vehicles and infrastructure, even in non-line-of-sight situations such as blind corners, bad weather, and poor lighting conditions. V2X connectivity provides the information to enable safer driving, thereby helping to prevent accidents, reduce congestion, and lower emissions through optimized mobility and traffic coordination. Third-party certification for conformance and interoperability of V2X devices are a necessary step, for the public and our elected officials to fully embrace connected and autonomous vehicles.

Source: OmniAir


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